Golden Isles Georgia: St. Simons Island

If you are looking to relax and enjoy a majestic scenery filled with organic sea breeze and sounds of rippling tides, then Golden Isles is the place to be. This little town is rich in history, culture, museums and African-American Heritage. The Pier Village serves as the downtown hub for bait & tackle, shopping, visiting the library and strolling to the nearby lighthouse.

It is also the largest barrier island in the Golden Isles with pristine stretches of marshland.  Barrier islands are a stretch of sandy land that lie parallel to the coastline of a larger mainland. They are separated from shore by a bay, lagoon or sound; and because of where they are situated, they protect the coast from being directly impacted by storm waves or winds. This is another reason they’ve earned the title “barrier island”. (Golden Isles website)

Pictured above are regulars on the pier that made my visit refreshing and pleasant. The pelican, whose called Georgette by Greg “the crab man” (holding the blue crab) has been there for more than 20 years after a hook injury. If you remember the cargo ship that capsized last September after a fire broke out, it’s still there filled with 42 automobiles.

Published by Gloria P. Humphrey

Gloria Humphrey is a authorprenuer, poet and historian.

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